Hannan Care

"Do all things for love. Love for yourself, love for all
others and love for God."

Og Mandino

Who we are...

Hannan Care, LLC, founded by John P. Hannan in 1987; has grown as a leader in the financial and insurance industries having helped organizations reduce benefit costs, while at the same time help thousands of retirees secure and grow their current lifestyle. Clients also are advised on current tax credits, investment opportunities and insurance related strategies. Our firm is made up of both large corporate clients as well as private individuals needing insurance and financial advice.

We help clients develop plans and programs that minimize taxes and maximize the ability to create lifetime income streams and grow wealth for future generations. We back our expertise with an ardent advocacy for each of our clients as their happiness and satisfaction is our primary goal. It's no wonder why referrals are the reason for our growth.

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